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In order to keep your KA-BAR knives in the best condition possible, there are a few recommended tips for care and sharpening.


Wipe blades after use with a dry, soft cloth.

If knives are exposed to salt water, wash with mild dish detergent, rinse with tap water, then wipe with a dry, soft cloth.


Treat blades with a light coating of oil before storing.

Neets foot, honing, or boot oil is recommended.

Store knives in a dry area.


Keep knives sharp by touching up edges as needed.

Most KA-BAR knives can be sharpened using an Arkansas stone or commonly available sharpening system.

Most knives can easily be touched up using a coarse or hard stone.

When bringing back a very dull edge a coarse or hard stone should be used first, followed by a finer, softer stone.

Knives made with D2 steel require diamond or ceramic sharpeners.

Knives should at no time be sharpened on a belt sander or bench grinder. These machines ruin a factory-sharpened edge.

Courtesy of Ka-Bar Knives, Inc.

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