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USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED)
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USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED)USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED)USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED)USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED)
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    USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED)


    The USMC Combat Tent by Diamond Brand is a two-man, three-season, free-standing, double wall tent. The Combat Tent incorporates a vapor permeable tent body with a waterproof floor and fly, which also provides 20 sq.ft. of vestible area for gear storage. The tent has two doors(entrance/exit openings), and using shockcorded poles, requires no special tools for erection and striking. Additionally, the rain fly is adaptable for use independently of the tent body, utilizing the poles provided. Remove any odors before your first use by airing the tent or gently wiping the surfaces down with fabric odor remover spray.

    Stakes not included.

    Features of the USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED) include:

    • Floor Area: 38 sq.ft. minimum

    • Minimum Weight: 8.5 pounds

    • Height: 45" minimum at apex

    • Rain Fly: Free standing, reversible Woodland Camo and Desert Tan, flame resistant

    • Operable conditions 0 to 120 degrees

    • Ventilation for use in desert/arid environments, minimizes internal build up of condensation

    • Withstands steady 40 mph winds and gusts to 55 mph

    • Provides protection from flying and crawling insects

    • Has sufficient head room for changing clothes

    • Rain fly covers all openings in the shelter

    • Rain fly has high wind guy out points for staking down the tent

    Product Reviews for USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED)

    USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED)5YochanonOctober 13, 2013I've had one of these tents for 4 or 5 years now. I hit one or two biker rally's a year and this tent straps up on my bike along with my sleeping bag and leather jacket just fine. It's saved my butt from really heavy storms and kept me and my things (that were piled outside the door under the rainfly vestibule) dry as can be. Lots of room indside and tougher than the tents one sees from non-military stores. I think this one will last me another few years easily, but I hope to get myself an extra one before they're too hard to find, because it's well worth it.
    USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED)4NickMay 30, 2013I used this tent in training, in the Marine Corps. it is a decent tent that really can withstand anything but i agree with the above statement this tent is intended to be split between two people. you stuff your pack with one half and give your buddy the other half. Also if it is hot do not even bother with the rain fly you will cook in tent. then when you go to open one of the side flaps you will get destroyed by mosquitos (at least that has been my experience). also if you are experienced enough you can put one of these tents up with a buddy in less then 2min. (thats out of your pack and inside the tent in 2min.)
    USMC Military 2-Person Combat Tent (USED)4mikeAugust 15, 2012I didnt buy my tent from this store. I bought mine from a army/navy store around my house. but mine looks mint and everything was there,nice thick aluminum spikes and a seam reapir kit and a sealer kit.never used. but once i had everything out side the stuff bag mine smelled really bad,like a bums underwear.like vomit but i used strong soap and scrubed it out and now its all good. oh and its a heavy bag,big bag with everything in it so its not a bag you would strap on your back pack and walk around with. its more like a bag you drive your jeep in the woods then unload the tent..

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