Obenauf's Leather Oil 16oz

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Obenauf's Leather Oil 16oz

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Brand: Obenauf's


 The Overall Winner in a Comparative Test by the Leather Research Laboratory!

  • Restores dried & sun-faded leather
  • Repels water, chemicals, manure acids, and salt
  • Resists cracking, scuffing, mold, mildew, and bacteria growth
  • Applies easily with the applicator or a clean cloth
  • Allows leather to breathe
  • Ideal for "breaking-in" new boots
  • Penetrates deeply into leather
  • Can be buffed to shine or polished over
  • Excellent for touch-ups between applications of Heavy Duty LP
  • Contains no harmful petroleum, solvents, paraffin or Mink Oil

Liquid Leather Conditioner
A good leather conditioner is formulated to penetrate leather and keep it moisturized. Obenauf's® Leather Oil is the best leather conditioner for moderately wet and dry conditions. A true preservative and leather conditioner, Leather Oil is made with natural oils and beeswax, which nourish while still allowing leather to breathe. Created to resist water, restore, protect, and preserve your leather investment.

Obenauf's® Leather Oil provides protection to your leather items subjected to the elements, especially when hot, dusty, and dry conditions are dehydrating your leathers. Often called the "Dry Season Oil", it absorbs fast! It is so effective that one coat is all that's needed for thinner leathers on riding boots, furniture, and gloves. Try one application of our boot oil on your new leather boots, to shorten the break in period and reduce sore, blistered feet.

Dry Weather Ruins Leather
Oils in leather dissipate every day when it's dry; just like your skin. Wind, warm air (floorboard heaters), dust, chemicals, mud, and normal wear increase the rate of oil loss in leather footwear. Leather can be damaged by dryness, heat, and loss of oils. Dry leather can cut stitching and scuff easily, fibers can break prematurely causing cracks in your leather. The solution? Before the dry season begins, apply our leather conditioner, Obenauf's® Leather Oil.

Obenauf's® Oil is a true preservative and leather conditioner for:

  • Work Boots, Dress Boots, & Leather Apparel
  • Saddles & Tack
  • Belts, Holsters, Scabbards, & Sheathes
  • Vintage Leather Clothing
  • Leather Furniture
  • Leather Athletic Gear
  • And More!

Leather Oil Application Tips:

  • If stored in a cool place, bring to room temperature & shake well before applying.
  • Always clean and fully dry leather before applying oil.
  • Recommended for use during drier seasons of summer or in desert climates.
  • For most leather items, one or two applications per year should suffice.
  • Never saturate leather with oil or it will transfer to your clothing.
  • Absorbs very well! DO NOT apply a second coat unless leather is extremely dry.
  • Allow up to one hour for absorption, then buff off excess oil with a clean cloth.
  • Apply one coat to brand new boots the day before wearing to make leather more pliable & shorten the break-in period.
  • Can be buffed to shine or polished over.
  • Best choice for Buffalo Hide garments.

*Leather Oil will darken leather. Test in a hidden area if color change is a concern.

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