Gear Up For Winter

From Hats to Boots - We Got You Covered From Head to Toe!


Keeping your head warm when it's cold outside is essential to keeping the rest of your body warm! We carry a wide range of headwear from Carhartt, Rothco and others to keep your head and ears warm during the cold, snowy days!

Coats and Jackets

Whether you are outside for work or play this season, you need to stay warm! Made of the top build quality you expect from brands like Carhartt they will keep you warm all season long.


You need to protect your fingers from frostbite when out in the elements! We carry a wide veraity of gloves from lined, thermal, and even waterproof gloves. From work, hunting and fishing, and winter we will keep your fingers warm!

Thermal Underwear

When going outside, stay warm at the core with thermal and long underwear. Thermal underwear traps and maintains core bodyheat to keep you warm in the bitter colds


Fall and winter, keeping your toes protected from frostbite is just as important as your fingers! Wearing wool socks will not only keep yours feet warm by retaining heat, they also can absorb more mositure before they start to "feel wet".

Boots and Shoes

The last thing you want in the cold months is cold feet! Now you have your wool socks you need to protect your feet with great winter boots and shoes. With some boots having a temperature rating of up to -22°F, Arvada Army Navy Surplus will keep you warm whether you are hiking through the mountains or shoveling snow in the driveway.