Lensatic Compass

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Lensatic Compass

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Brand: Coghlan's


A great basic starter compass, perfect for scouts!

The compass is comprised of three major components: the cover, the base and the lens. The cover serves the purpose of protecting the compass dial. It contains a sighting wire.

The base is where all movable parts of the compass reside. A floating dial rotates indicating direction each time the compass maintains a level position. Luminous figures depict the directions east (E) and west (W). In the center lies the directional arrow. This always points in the direction of north (N). East falls at 90° and west at 270°. There are also two scales. The outer scale denotes miles and the inner scale denotes degrees.

A bezel ring is also inside the compass base. This ratchet device turns 120 clicks on a full rotation. Each individual click represents 3°. A short incandescent line works with the north-directional arrow in navigation. This line lies in the glass face of the bezel ring. The final component of the base is a thumb loop. This simply attaches to the base as a handling mechanism.

The last component of the Lensatic compass is the lens. This is what reads the floating dial. A rear-sight navigational slot works with the front sight wire in the cover to locate objects. In addition, this slot protects the compass when in the closed position. This works by a lock and clamp system. The rear-sight mechanism must remain open at a minimum of 45° in order for the compass floating dial to work.

Instructions included

Liquid filled for fast readability

Sturdy plastic case

Features a jeweled pivot and luminous letters

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